The price ($15.00) is for the cost of the high resolution digital file only. Once I send it to you can print as many as you want where ever you want. I am unable to create cards with copyrighted photos. Please make sure you have permission to use photos taken by professional photographers. I will not be held responsible for copyrighted photos.

What you do:
1. Pick a design. In the right side bar choose the size. Type in your name and what card number you chose (This is so I can keep track of your payment with your specific order and match it with the email you send). Push the "Buy Now" button.
2. Once your payment has gone through, email your photo(s) and information (which card you want, size, specific text) you want added to the card. Please send photos as an attachment and not directly in the e-mail to maintain resolution.
3. Check the proof and let me know of any necessary changes.
4. After receiving your digital file upload it to your favorite photo lab (Costco, Walmart, Target,etc.), online photo lab (, or simply e-mail it to friends and family.

What I will do:
1. Send you confirmation that I received your info and photos.
2. Create the card and send you a proof within 48 hours (usually sooner).
3. Once you've approved the proof I will send you the high resolution digital file in a jpeg format.

Check out my other designs. If you like elements of different designs I can mix and match to create your desired card.

Tips for printing:
* Prints best in a matte or lustre finish

If you are not satisfied with the proof and want your money back, I will be happy to refund it. Once I have sent the the final product I will not be able to refund your money, but I will be happy to make any changes if you need it.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Card #15

The photo in this card is sanded away around the edges and also slightly in the picture to give it a rustic look. The color of the Merry Christmas message can be changed to match your photo.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Card #3 Custom Holiday Card w/Custom Signatures 5x7 or 4x6

You can choose to have a custom handwritten signature or I can do a computer generated signature. If you want a custom signature, take a white piece of paper and have everyone sign their signatures. The size and location on the sheet of paper won't matter because I can crop, resize, and move them around. A medium size point on a marker or sharpie works best (for this one I just used Crayola markers). Use the color you would like the signature done in (black, red, green, etc.) Next use a scanner to scan the sheet in true color (not gray scale or black and white). Send this file when you send your photos.